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Merit Medical Profile

We believe in creating lasting relationships with our staff, partners and customers, building relationships based on honesty and trust, relationships that flourish. It’s what motivates us to constantly find new ways to exceed the expectations of our partners and customers.

Mission, Vision & Values

Merit Medical's Mission is to improve the quality of life for our people, customers and society. We will be one strong team united by our mission and values in our relentless pursuit to be the regional partner of choice in health and personal care solutions. Our commitment is to build symbiotic relationships. Merit Medical was founded with the goal of becoming the leading healthcare distributor in Oman. We invested in the best infrastructure, systems and people so that our partners and customers were guaranteed the most ‘modern’ facilities possible.

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Introduction to Merit Medical

Who are We?

Merit Medical is a leading and most competitive provider of Turnkey Solutions, Products and Services in Healthcare, Education and Research in Oman. Our solutions encompass the entire gamut of healthcare delivery ranging from Surgical, Clinical, Life Sciences, Laboratory Sciences, Emergency Medical Services & so on.


We have always been in the forefront of the never-ending quest to provide quality services. Merit Medical has been the vital link conveying the customer’s most important needs to the manufacturers. The domain expertise of the top level management in the Middle East business environment stretches to over 100 person years and helps to provide cutting-edge solutions.

We take pride in the fact that the world’s leading manufacturers have approached us to market their products jointly. When it comes to choosing products or partners, we are very selective. We have never been a “me too competitor” and are able to proudly live up to this fact. Our sales team comprises of highly qualified sales staff and biomedical engineers. The company’s delivery model ensures that the best resources are utilized to provide timely support.

Our Commitment to Society

Merit Medical's commitment to the community is deeply instilled in the company philosophy and practices. Thus, the Company's approach is to maintain a good citizenship as a company operating in Oman, capitalize on its resources, assets and expertise in social initiatives that increase individuals’ awareness of health and environmental issues, this will consequently lead to improving quality of life, and to operate responsibly in the different aspects where there is interaction with society.

Merit Medical is very confident you will find the right products for your needs. Our distribution center carry a comprehensive inventory at all times. We recognize that, from time to time, we may not stock an item you want. Our team of managers, customer service representatives and purchasing department staff will quickly source and price what you need. This means we can fill orders promptly and ship the products to our customers without delay. Merit Medical is proud of its centralized and streamlined order processing. We are always available to discuss your requirements and we are sensitive to your budget. We can also accommodate your special logistics requirements. Our Warehouse presently in located in Al Khoud and we plan to inaugurate our Showroom for walk in customers by the end of the year!

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